General Information

Program Philosophy:
This program has been developed as a self-directed alternative to tradition schooling. Basically, this school is what you make it. However, this is not a license to do nothing. There is a minimum work requirement, and we expect you to work hard and discover the right path and pace that will get you to your goal.

Academic Philosophy:
In an age when human knowledge is doubling & tripling every ten years, and that knowledge is also available to everyone in a few key strokes, information in and of itself becomes less important. However, the skills of being able to find information and process it at a high level become of great importance. Also, the ability to deconstruct & reconstruct meaning in a variety of formats is vital to critical, creative, divergent, and symbolic thinking. With this in mind, we designed our standards-based curriculum using a skills-development method. In short, as you advance in our program, you will learn how to learn, becoming a better problem-solver, reader, writer, and thinker.

Credits, Grades, & No Report Cards:
Credits are earned upon completion of a class (not at the end of the semester). As soon as the work in a class is complete, notify your teacher what class you have finished. After verification, you will receive credit for the class. Your grade is an average of the highest score you achieve on each test. Upon completion, you will be awarded a credit slip. This is the only report you will receive from us. We do not issue semester report cards.

Daily Work Requirement:
All students must complete
the daily work requirement (see teacher for details).

Remember, the minimum is merely the minimum and will keep you from falling further behind
, but it is up to you to complete your work at a pace that will get you to your goal on time.

Grading Structure:
All of our classes are found on the Courses link on the Main Menu at the top of the page. You must pass each test with a minimum score of 70%. You may take each test up to 10 times. However, if you do not pass a test after taking it 3-5 times, we highly recommend you ask for help from your teacher. Also, you may take each test multiple times to attempt to score better and raise your grade. We take only the highest score from each test, so no need to worry if you don't score well on one attempt.

A Note on Cheating:
Cheating of any kind is unacceptable in the program and will not be tolerated. This means that you may NOT use 'the multiple choice method' where you put in answers and press send until you get it right. This is cheating, and if you could see my screen, you would see it is obvious when it happens. In addition, please do not plagiarize any work as this is also cheating. Due to the nature of our school please be advised that cheating will be carefully watched and will result in additional work or your removal from the program.

Ins and Outs:
All non test assignments should be complete and professional.

All English classes have a novel requirement and an essay. The essay should be completed in MLA format (see directions on the class page). You may choose any book, but it needs to be approved by your teacher and your parent(s)/guardian(s). Also, any quiz fill-in questions left unanswered or incomplete will require a complete retake of that quiz.

Questions & Concerns:

Always ask your teacher if you have any questions about anything, from help on a quiz, to what classes you need to graduate, to how to bake a potato. Get the drift? Ask questions if your are at all unsure!